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Beneath The Muscle

Unleash Your Inner Champion

from the Award Winning International Speaker and Author,
Actress, Model and Celebrity Fitness Legend...

In Beneath The Muscle, You’ll Discover:

  • An intimate look into Powers' struggles and triumphs to inspire your own journey to success

  • Actionable strategies for overcoming obstacles on the path to your dreams

  • Methods for honing your true passion and purpose

  • Tactics for combating the negative attention of critics to focus on what matters

  • Techniques to cultivate a healthy goal-oriented mindset

  • Become who you were born to be

Wish you had the courage
to stand out from the crowd?

Discover a legendary athlete’s life-changing guide to embracing your inner strength…

World-renowned fitness celebrity Lauren Powers, rose above debilitating addiction and became a bodybuilding champion at an age when most contenders retire. With multiple titles and film roles under her belt, Powers is living proof that you can turn your true passions into reality.

Beneath the Muscle is your inspirational handbook to letting your true talents shine. Inspired by Powers’ crushing battles against haters and her incredible victories, this book reveals her formula for authentic success. No matter your shape, size, or status, the book’s winning combination of self-care routines and positive psychology can take you from underdog to champion.

If you like pushing boundaries, real-world inspirational stories, and actionable advice from a trusted expert, then you’ll love Lauren Powers’ heartfelt guide to self-acceptance and lifelong achievement.

Lauren Powers with Jennifer Lopez on set for "Medicine" Music Video Shoot.

Lauren Powers with Sue Carr International Speaker

Lauren Powers with Julie Serot Founder of The Dharma Circle and Head Coach of Money Alignment Yoga Academy (MAYA)

Lauren Powers with Emily Simpson Actress, Real Housewives of Orange County

Lauren Powers withJay Cutler 10x Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Champion

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