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A program that will make you the icon of your own brand to be
Visible, Credible, and Profitable through Videos.


You’re not expending the time we’re spending together. You’re investing in crafting
the brand new you, preparing to confidently project yourself in front of a camera,
and making your brand thrive and stand out by boosting your online presence through videos.

In this digital age, where most people seem to be hiding behind the screen, video sharing is a great way for people to connect with their viewers and build deeper and more meaningful connections. But too often, we see several videos with people in front of a camera looking stiff, wooden, and uninteresting.

Being confident in front of a camera doesn’t always come naturally. Of course, some were born confidently, but others need to put some effort and practice. Some even need a little bit of coaching to get comfortable in front of a camera and captivate everyone with their video communication game.

Everyone is making videos these days. Videos move and reach new heights quickly more than we think. More and more businesses have begun using the power of videos to market their products and services. Several companies testified that using videos made some real money for them. Now, if you want to look good on camera, get the views, and create a video that will skyrocket your sales, you must work with me.

Being a ten-time bodybuilding champion, an actress, a TV commercial model, and more, I’m no stranger in front of cameras. I’ve been featured in numerous films, documentaries, television productions, and in several music videos of big Hollywood artists. With all these experiences and exposure, I’m the ideal person to teach you how to get more comfortable on camera, build strong confidence, and give you some helpful pointers for talking in front of a camera to clearly deliver your message to your future clients and effectively market your brand.

Intensive Coaching Calls

  • How to build your confidence in front of a camera

  • How to speak clearly and effectively

  • Tips and tricks to project yourself on camera in the best way

  • Script Review, Feedback and Coaching

  • Reviewing your script

  • Providing useful feedback and insightful ideas for you to craft and deliver a clear and compelling message

  • Pre-Production Coaching Calls & Final Script Run Through

  • Reviewing your script

  • Providing useful feedback and insightful ideas for you to craft and deliver a clear and compelling message

  • YOU need to CHAMPION your BRAND

    "I’ve never met a camera I didn’t like!”

    Lauren M. Powers
    Beneath The Muscle - Best Selling Book

    I’ve appeared on camera countless times–fitness events, interviews, and even music videos! And honestly, I’ve never met a camera I didn’t like! Being in the public eye made me comfortable and confident on camera.

    I was branded as Hollywood’s Go-To-Fitness Gal and was able to work with some big names in Hollywood– Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Kacey Musgraves to name a few. Those events became possible because I confidently and excellently project myself in front of cameras. And I want you to be comfortable and confident in front of a camera just like me and you can be your brand’s very own ambassador.

    And now, as a Celebrity Fitness Coach, I’m helping people to stay fit and healthy through workout videos. And through posting these videos on various social media platforms, I’m able to reach and help more people to become their best selves!

    The idea of a Video Marketing Strategy isn’t new. The importance of video on every platform is what has drastically changed. Written content and images have become uninteresting and unengaging for consumers, especially for those who prefer watching videos. It’s undeniable that videos have insanely dominated the internet and brands are investing in the creation, production, and distribution of videos to promote and sell their products and services.

    Now, work with me and let me be your Camera Branding Expert so I can help YOU become the CELEBRITY of your own brand that will definitely stand out above the crowd by bringing out the BRAND NEW YOU through the use of videos!

    You will get a chance to choose 4 different professional sets complete with cameras and studio lights to capture your message in high-quality television-like video production.

    Watch the video below and see what awaits YOU!

    The "FIERCE" Set

    Are you a strong and independent person? Do you want to instill that image of yours to people? Do you want to integrate your fierceness with your brand? Then this is the perfect set for your personalized custom branded video!

    The set is adorned with leopard prints which is valued for its eye-catching quality. It signifies strength, independence, confidence, sexuality, nonconformity, authenticity, and rare beauty that is totally perfect for people who have strong and powerful personalities. Moreover, the color can be changed for your brand or your company.

    The "HOMEBUDDY" Set

    Are you the type of person who enjoys the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home? Is your brand or company dedicated or related to bettering your home and other people’s homes? If your answer is yes, then you’ll definitely love this set to film your personalized branding promotional video.

    The set gives you a homey and cozy vibe: plush couch, fluffy pillows, and relaxing backlights. Feels like home, right? More importantly, it will resonate with your brand or your company’s commitment.

    The "CHILLOUT" Set

    Are you someone who has a cool attitude, laid back, and loves to go outside to relax most of the time? Or is your brand inclined to encourage people to go out and enjoy the outdoors and engage in multiple outdoor activities?

    If that’s the case, then you should definitely shoot in this set for your personalized branded video which can be used for a lot of purposes! The “Chill Out” set echoes the vibe you love and the vibe that your brand or company aims to provide your clients with.

    The "RED CARPET" Set

    Have you ever dreamt of walking to a prestigious Hollywood red carpet event? If yes, then let’s film your own personalized branded video in the “Red Carpet” set!

    The “Red Carpet” set has a backdrop where we can put all your brand logos, even your slogan, but with the use of a green screen, we can make it custom for you! So, whatever your brand or your company is all about, this set is still perfect for YOU!

    with Diana Sabatino, Executive Director of eWomen Network - OC Chapter having the experience of using the "Homebody" Set.

    with Carly Trimble of Marking Matters Dog Training, chilling out with my dog "Coach Millie" while talking about dog training and setting its mindset.


    D.I.Y Video Production

  • Set up location ($1,000)

  • Camera ($3,000)

  • Lighting ($1,500)

  • Audio ($1,500)

  • Editing Tools ($2,000)

  • Total Cost: $9,000

    Hire Professionals

  • Set up location ($1,000)

  • Director ($1,500)

  • Video Editor ($5,000)

  • Cameramen ($1,500)

  • Equipments ($3,000)

  • Technical Staff ($1,500)

  • Full Editing ($2,000)

  • Total Cost: $15,500

    Brand New You!

  • Get your script reviewed and proofread by me

  • Choose from the set locations prepared by me and my team.

  • Complete with high-quality Professional Equipment

  • Recording and editing of your video

  • TOTAL INVESTMENT $4997 or $1997 ONLY

    YOU need to use the Power of Social Media

    Featured Guest on my Power Hour Digital Show

    Having an online presence is vital, especially for business owners, brands, and companies. It will help your future clients find your business before they become aware that you exist, and it will help them recognize your reputation before purchasing anything from your brand as well.

    Establishing an online presence and online visibility can be challenging, but it’s not impossible, especially with my help! If you start working with me, you will have a chance to be on my Power Hour Digital Show, available in 12 Digital Platforms, to provide you and your brand with more exposure, so if people see you, they’re going to do business with you because they know, like, and trust you.

    The pandemic has crippled many businesses, the majority were forced to close, even the biggest ones. It’s unfortunate, but the best lessons are often learned the hard way. Many business owners have now found a way to make their businesses a pandemic-proof business—through the use of videos.

    I’m able to succeed in my career as a health and fitness coach because I used the visibility I have online and the power of videos to reach more people and make them fit and healthy while helping them earn passively. But all of these wouldn’t be possible with the help of the Almighty God, that’s why it’s also important to have faith in God, in yourself, and in your brand.

    Needless to say, whatever brand or business you have, or you plan to establish, you have to make use of videos to get to more people and increase your online visibility. it’s the key to becoming a pandemic-proof business: the use of videos. Moreover, through the use of videos, I can keep you fit and healthy while making you wealthy.

    Be Strong. Be Fierce. Be YOU!

    Your Investment!


    One Time Only


    TOTAL VALUE: $13,000

    • One (1) 30-minute Coaching Calls ($3,000 value)

    • How to gain confidence in front of the camera

    • Scripting and Review for your short Brand New You videos

    • One (1) 15-minute Full Video Production - Power Interview with Lauren M.Powers ($5,000 value)


    One Time Only


    TOTAL VALUE: $15,000

    • Two (2) 30-minute Coaching Calls ($3,000 value)

    • Scripting and Review for your short Brand New You videos

    • One (1) 15-minute Full Video Production - Power Interview with Lauren M.Powers ($5,000 value)

    • One (1) 3-minute Full Production Video Shoot (Welcome, Opt-in, Tip, Promo) for your own brand ($5,000 value)


    • Signed Copy of my "Beneath The Muscle"
      Best Selling Book

    • $50 Gift Coupon from Egg Whites
      International and Clothing


    • Signed Copy of my "Beneath The Muscle" Best Selling Book

    • $50 Gift Coupon from Egg Whites International and Clothing

    • Savvi Clothing